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Naila is a qualified psychotherapist specialising in bereavement and family resolution. She has four lovely children and is a full time teacher of sociology and psychology at a local college in Leicester.

Naila is an active volunteer and has supported various organisations with interfaith work, and the local food bank. She is a firm believer that life should be a balance between this world and the next and aims to embody her shows with this balance.

Irfhan is an Enthusiastic and exuberant personality who is experienced in sales and communication. He thoroughly enjoys presenting, being able to tell a story, and build a narrative. Irfhan’s passion lies in the advancement of communities and enabling the importance of good communication skills especially in the younger generation.

He’s keen to hear from the Ramadan FM listeners!

Maimuna Kazi is a freelance journalist and Librarian. She is Leicester born and bred. Her professional background is in broadcasting. Her 19 year career at the BBC has encompassed a whole range of programming styles from magazine and lifestyle, entertainment and sport. Her last decade she worked in news, both on a local and national level. She has been blessed with many career highlights; including covering the Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwaria Rai big Bollywood wedding for the BBC in India. She has met several Bollywood stars while she produced the film programmes for the BBC Asian Network. Her passion has always been radio and she loves the creativity and sounds that can be achieved from the medium.

When she isn’t helping run cricket clubs and volunteering for some charities that are close to her heart, she is a busy mum of two children and calls herself a gloried ‘taxi driver’.

Maimuna is very much looking forward to bring some of her skills and expertise to Ramadhan Radio.

Ismail is an activist who believes in tearing down walls and eliminating oppression.. He is a student of knowledge and a boxing and fitness coach. His favourite activities include travelling and experiencing different cultures. Ismail is one of the first presenters on Ramadan Radio.

Fatihiya hails from Uganda and is a mum of 4 beautiful daughters. She graduated with PhD from the University of Leicester and has worked as a PhD tutor for the Brilliant Club UK and Employability award, University of Leicester.

She is currently Community Outreach Manager for two Leicester based charities, namely Sisters4Islam and Second Chance.

With a love of Science, Naema graduated in BSc Medical Biochemistry before qualifying as a Primary Teacher. Alongside teaching, Naema has also been working as a practitioner of Hijamah Therapy and Mizan Therapy. She has completed L2 and L3 in counselling skills with Stephen Maynard & Associates; a spiritual model focussed on the heart.

Naema also volunteers at a local community centre where she leads study circles for the youth creating opportunities for them to learn and grow in a loving and nurturing environment. Her vision is to educate and empower young girls to connect to their true purpose through conscious living with soul, heart, mind and body. She has attended numerous workshops including Mastering Yourself and Gut Healing by Hana Pauls who specialises in Unani Tibb Medicine.

She loves learning about Islam, nutrition, children’s development, mental health & wellbeing and all things natural and traditional so she always tries to attend courses or events that coincide with her passions. She is excited to share her journey and invites her listeners to connect and embrace the unique gifts they have been blessed with.

Zainab studied for a law degree very late in life and obtained her post grad degree in 2011. Without an undergraduate’s degree and having taken a non traditional route, she struggled for that door to open. After almost 6 years of continued perseverance she was finally admitted as a Solicitor in April 2019 and now practices law mainly in the areas of Dispute Resolution and employment.

She was recently nominated for Leicestershire Law Society Annual Legal Awards Trainee of the Year 2019. Zainab is a Main committee member of Leicestershire Law Society and a member of their Education & Training and Membership sub boards.

Additionally, Zainab is an Employability Mentor and volunteers for Leicester University Pro Bono Legal Clinic. She aims to guide and mentor as many people with a vision for imparting perseverance.

And when she’s not doing all of the above, she loves to ‘lecture’ her 4 children and take her motorbike for a spin.

Sharmeen has a passion for Community Radio. In 2009, she pioneered the Ramadan FM project in her home town Milton Keynes. Last year, she joined the Leicester Ramadan Radio team, as a presenter.

Having worked in many different fields over the years, Sharmeen is looking forward to bringing new shows and diverse topics to the Radio. She’s working tirelessly behind the scenes, during these challenging times, to ensure we can continue to serve the community with our broadcast.

Sharmeen loves networking & connecting with fellow professionals from around the World on LinkedIn. She is passionate about travelling with her family and her favourite destination is Essaouira. And she’s even more passionate about safeguarding the planet we all share, for the next generation.

Numayar is a self-proclaimed professional day dreamer and director of Zaarvel Tours & Travel. He is an active member of the community army and in contrast likes to to bring a smile to others. His achilles heel like many others is food!

Rob has taught media production and community media courses at undergraduate level for over twenty years. He established DemonFM as a community radio station, and has a PhD focussed on Community Media.

Dr Tayub is a GP and mum of four living and working in Leicester. She completed her A-Levels at Leicester High School, and went on to study Medicine at the University of Nottingham.

As well as her NHS GP work, Dr Tayub holds weekly Dermatology clinics and works as a private GP for Spire Leicester Hospital. She is also a supervisor for GP trainees in the out of hours setting.

Outside of Medicine, she runs the popular Facebook group ‘Babies & Bumps’ which is a support forum for parents. Through this platform she has held various fundraising events supporting local children’s charities as well as orphanages in her home country of Malawi.

Dr Tayub strongly believes that medicine is a wonderful combination of art and science, and in such a wide field anyone can find a niche that will fulfil their interests and potential.

General Practice has allowed her to develop a portfolio career which includes an exciting variety of work, as well as maintaining a busy family life.

Suly is a young web design business owner with the penultimate hobby of travelling for leisure & charitable causes. He is currently undertaking an entrepreneurial trajectory to work on building businesses of the future and aiding for those in need, alongside motivating and inspiring individuals of his community to battle contemporary issues as a Co-Host of his community interest company, Waves of Positivity. He is also putting together his first upcoming eBook due to release this year.

Suly strongly believes in taking action over irrelevant focus on theory “If you can’t take action then your idea will always be a hypothesis, so if you can talk the talk then always make sure to walk the walk”

Yusuf wants to live in a world filled with innovative businesses, smartphones that come bundled with dark roast coffee and computers that have hydrophobic force fields that additionally repel dust. As a business analyst and graduate of the Durban University of Technology, with over 13 years experience in a rapidly growing technology industry, he enjoys being the middle man between technical and non technical people and helping everyone get up to speed with bleeding edge technology.

Yusuf spent two years studying Arabic at the University of Medina along with Tajweed in the Haram of Medina.

A visionary and internationally experienced professional with over 18 years experience in IT. Mudassir is currently a European Programme Leader for one of the worlds largest IT companies. Having set up an office in Leicester he quickly grew this nationally to 5 offices with approx 400 people recruited. He has since returned back to the parent company where he is undertaking a European role.

In his spare time he likes to experiment with Creative Media and get involved with Charity Work. He has a lot of entrepreneurial skills and is unsure where the future will take him.

“A lost musafir of dunya who is looking to find peace and solitude in the blessed month of Ramadan”.

Amrin considers herself a Leicesterian at heart. She loves the Foxes! She is the Charities Project Lead at Raedan Institute in Leicester, the three remits are Education Initiative | Health & Wellbeing | Community Cohesion. She loves what she does as Allah Subhanatalla jas truly answered all her duas. It’s not a job it’s a way of life, she feels she’s truly on the path to bring change. Currently running a campaign to support the people of Leicester on health and wellbeing packs, please support the cause 100% donation policy.

She is also a spoken word artist in the making Amrin has started writing her long awaited book. She is working with some amazing artists which she will share with you on her shows In Shaa Allah. She has been performing over the last few years and loves writing. She has many people who inspire her in her writing and most definitely those of Sufi decent and Saints of the past. She finds it liberating and loves it when she get’s feedback that she inspires people with her words and the bit of wisdom !

She has worked in the community over the years, you may have spotted her over the years for supporting local causes and on and off Radio Ramadan across various locations and organisations.

She’s a humanitarian been to the blessed lands of Palestine, various places in Europe, Africa, Turkey border serving the Syrian Refugees and the Jordanian camps, her heart yearns to be on the blessed lands once again.

She has many facets to her she completed her Counselling degree part time. Currently focusing on professional development in the charity sector and sustainability programmes.

She loves travelling, foods of the world, learning languages, singing and writing and constantly evolving to try and being a better person.

Her ultimate longterm goal is to change a billion lives in all that she does and please her creator. She believes When A Women Rises she Raises others with Her!
She is truly grateful for all the oppurtunity she has recieved.

Fatima graduated as a Computer Scientist and worked initially within the I.T Sector. Wanting to make a difference to others, she decided to do a PGCE and moved on to teaching ICT/Computing at various secondary and higher education institutes within Leicestershire.

Fatima later enrolled onto the Alimiyyah Course and studied many Islamic topics such as Arabic, Hadīth and Fiqh (jurisprudence). Since graduating she has continued with her studies and has a keen interest in Fiqh.

She presently works as a Computing tutor during the day and teaches Arabic grammar in the evenings.

In her spare time, being a bit of a health freak, she enjoys reading up on alternate medicine and holistic health.

Zahid Shaikh, better known to our listeners as brother Zed, has been spicing up our mornings at the Ramadan Radio for many years.

A pillar in the community with hands in many charity projects, from local events to supporting international medical projects. His charity TEAMS is behind many success stories.

He firmly believes in communities coming together for the greater good. As an established local businessman, he uses his position to engage will people from all walks of life to achieve a better understanding and cooperation.

Whilst there is so much we could say about Brother Zed, there’s one thing we just can’t best him at. He is an acronym wizard. And by the end of our Ramadan broadcast, we are certain he’ll have you Zedified.

Zed is a low profile community support person involved in various different areas promoting a lot of wisdom and positive energy. MAD – Make a Difference – ATFD – attention to Fine Detail and ATD – Adapt To Change.

Ustadha Shareefah completed her studies in Singapore and later qualified in Management Studies from the University of Swansea (UK). A TEFL and ESOL Teacher.

She later further pursued Islamic studies under the tutelage of several Shuyukh from Sudan and the middle east.
Ustadha Shareefah has been teaching Prophetic Manners for over a decade of years and gives regular talks and lectures across the U.K. She has also been an In-House Ustadha for Sisters4Islam for over 10 years, delivering the Adaab Classes (Prophetic Manners) and various other Islamic studies.

Over the years, Ustadha Shareefah also delivers talks at the Iftar Programmes and Radio Ramadhan (Leicester).
Also, conducting online classes.

She is currently working on a Marriage Course project which she will soon launch in due time.

Sully A is a 3rd year construction student and a qualified personal trainer. Aside from his work and studies he spends much of his time in charity work and creating media and content to help make people feel better about themselves.

His aspiration in life is to become a global inspirational speaker and touch the hearts of millions. “Although it may seem like a far fetched idea, I believe that your mindset is the pathway to success!”

Fatema Marfani, Born and bred in Leicester. Fatema is an entrepreneur, scout leader, community worker, mindfulness teacher, seeker of knowledge, and wayfarer. She loves to meet people of her tribe to learn and pass down knowledge. She has a passion to cultivate love and spirituality in to our younger ones, as she believes that is the best way to truely succeed. She has found ways to express her creativity through writing, art with oil paints , and learning to play the Afghani Rabab. always working on growing spiritually and finding ways to get closer to what she truly wishes to attain, her love and closeness to her Creator.

Jawaahir has an extensive experience in journalism, organisational development and social services, researching, management & leadership and educationalist. Interested in organisational growth, languages & culture, integration and migration issues as well as overseas developmental projects.
Available for consultancies work in these areas. iption about yourself for the website (Bio)

Aadil is an an electrician by trade in his family business as well as being qualified as a personal trainer. His main aim in life is within social interactions and helping people. He wants to change a billion lives “it may sound crazy but it’s very possible because I don’t just dream, I aim to achieve”

Outside of that he is well into videography, capturing magical moments to store for memories and working with the 2 S’s as waves of positivity. Aadil has a strong passion in everything to do with media content and he believes that it’s the future for everything.

She is a volunteer at Raedan Institute, a teacher and ongoing student at Academica Mentoring, a former project manager, an EAP Lecturer, an Independent Arbonne Consultant (she gives amazing facials to raise money for charity), a fundraiser for destitute in Gaza, an IAC fundraiser (on deployment once so far), 30 years ago she was an artist and plans to revisit this, a Radio Presenter on Seerah Radio and Ramadan Radio in Leicester and she loves recording stories for children. She is a mother and grandmother!

Moulana Khalil is the head Imam of Masjid-ul-Imam-al-Bukhari and is also the CEO of Rahma (Mercy)

We are an independent, non-profit, online radio Broadcasting 24/7 live from Leicester, UK


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